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We Plough the fields and scatter…..

van gogh

Hello! Hope this works! I’m back on with blogging again. Just started to write my first post on this site and windows decided to start ‘shutting down’ or configuring something…not sure what, which just about encapsulates alot of the flavour of this year. It also reminded me not to get too pretentious as I was just about to say something, which I thought was profound, when it probably wasn’t and thankfully, technology strikes me again with it’s cruel unsentimental whip!
Anyway, attempt number two…
Well, the last time I wrote a blog, I was training for the marathon and found it a great way of updating myself with where I was at with certain things as much as everyone else and as I’ve now got this new website which I’m very grateful for the help with ( Thanks you so much again. My other one couldn’t open on I pads or phones…not great in these times), I thought I could update my creative pursuits.
This has certainly been the year for ploughing the fields as the title above suggests. I feel I’ve been getting my hands dirty and really digging in to try and prepare something great for a later date. I feel Like I’ve been ready for the moment, I hope that I’ll reap some sort of harvest of recognition for the effort I’ve been putting in to both my acting career and my writing.
On the one hand all I can see are returned plays, rejections, getting close to jobs, and utter disappointments in everything I am trying to achieve in my professional life. However, on the other hand, I see three plays that have been written, progression in my work, that I have still continued to contribute financially to my family life maintaining myself as an actress, whether that be commercials, t.v, film or corporate and that actually success is something hard to stick a badge on and that whatever seeds I’ve scattered, nothing is wasted in time and effort.

Well these are the new seeds I’m sowing. On Thursday, I’m gathering a group of friends together who have very kindly agreed to read through my comedy drama. I need to hear whether it is…erm…actually erm..funny and then, if it is, then I’m keen to film it or record it for radio. Other news is that I have a new writing partner (I say new…I’ve never actually had one before, the very funny Ruth D’Silva) We will be messing around and creating havoc soon, watch this space. It’s very exciting. Playwriting class is about to end this term and once again has been inspiring and enjoyable and all who sail in the ship on a wednesday morning continue to provide anchor, buoyancy and udder when the stormy seas prevail.
I cannot imagine where my creativity would have landed without it and especially in the early days when I was recovering from vocal surgery and could not express myself.
Last but certainly not least, I’m actually re visiting that time and working on a new piece with the writer Jo Harper about losing my voice and how I overcame the adversity, found another muscle to work and ran the marathon. We’re collating material and Jo is working out how it can all piece together. Our first port of call is the Bush Theatre’s submission window for Theatre makers, so we need to get our proposal in about two weeks. Either way, we want to get the show moving and both have a good feeling about it.
So, I’ve just had a look at info on the Van Gogh painting, ‘The Sower’ above and found this quote from the man himself when talking about how he held laborers up to a high standard of how dedicatedly he should approach painting.

One must undertake with confidence, with a certain assurance that one is doing a reasonable thing, like the farmer who drives his plow… (one who) drags the harrow behind himself. If one hasn’t a horse, one is one’s own horse.” Well said Vincent! I’ll keep sowing then. I guess I’m the horse pulling my stuff along, but I’m feeling strong so can cope…..back to work and keep moving and onwards! Oh and on another lighter note, I’m pencilled for an ad. crossing fingers for it before christmas. Wonder if Vincent would say it’s a HB pencil or 4B…I never know how heavy they really press on them these days!!