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Ready and waiting.


Well, sadly I didn’t get the advert which would have been great just before Christmas, and on hearing (or not as is so often the case these days) the news, went through the whole ‘should I have worn the same top for the recall…was my hair the same, am I too old, young? Was my hair the right colour, the lucky necklace, did I wear the lucky necklace? Why weren’t they smiling? .. blah blah blah’, the same old useless inner commentary that taunts an actor and then, I simply forgot about it. Because you have to. You may have been an inch too short for the guy playing your husband and no amount of analysing after would make a difference. I also went for one shorty after that, that certainly would have put a few more tangerines in the stockings, but you have to learn very quickly with commercial castings to just stop thinking about them almost as soon as you have left the waiting room. Otherwise, you’ve got halfway down Oxford street and in your head you have spent the money already. I’ve been on some amazing holidays and bought the most luxurious houses after coming out of a casting, living as we all do with the endless day dreams of financial possibility and opportunity. Anyway… it’s a new year. Bring it on 2014.

Other news is that we had the table reading of my comedy script, The Biz of Show which went really well. I don’t know why I thought it would be so hard to organise when in fact all you need is the script, some actor friends and one of those or yourself who is willing to host, find a time, send the e- mail..and bobs your uncle. My friend hosted which I was very grateful for so I arrived with cakes, fruit, water etc. Well I wanted it to look professional and they were giving their time freely.
It was fantastic to hear it aloud and yes… they laughed, and so did I. Are you allowed to laugh at your own jokes? Does it not look really narcissistic? I guess you have to find your amusement somewhere. They all brought the characters to life brilliantly and I clearly saw where I needed to make some changes in the script. So the next plan is either to record it as a radio pilot piece or to just try and get it filmed and show snippets on the web as a teaser. I’m very excited about this and think it can all be done very cheaply and quickly erm..any investors out there? Anyone?…
In other writing news, the sad part is that I’m not part of my playwriting group this term as I’ve had to cut back a little, but I’m planning on returning in the spring, by which time, I will hopefully have worked more on my new play working title Fire blight or Boxes..
I’ve not been enjoying writing this one as it’s a bit urban and grubby and close to the bone but I found this quote

One usually dislikes a play while writing it, but afterward it grows on one. Let others judge and make decisions.
ANTON CHEKHOV, letter to Maxim Gorky, September 24, 1900

Who knows, maybe the one that’s the most difficult to write will prove to be the one people get. I live in hope.

Jo got our pitch off to the Bush Theatre’s submission window for the show based on my running blog and losing my voice, so we’re crossing our fingers that we hear some good news about that and even if we don’t, we’ve got a great skeleton for the piece and we will pursue it another way.
And lastly, I sent a pitch off to Undeb Theatre on Monday who had a fantastic opportunity to pitch for their summer festival. You had to only have two characters, they had to be welsh and you were only allowed one prop. Either way, it was a really good exercise in really nailing what your idea was about. It was also great for me because I always write loads of characters and to whittle it down to a two hander stopped me from getting carried away. I’ve no idea how I’ll do on that one as I was trying to squeeze in moments to do it in between Christmas overindulgence and travelling the length and breadth of the country as a family of four plus two gerbils…yes gerbils…but we’ll see.
And so that’s it for now. Glanced at something the other day very quickly that said ‘Active waiting’. Still not sure what it means. ‘I’m ready and waiting’, but ‘active’ suggests I’m actually doing some sort of physical activity whilst staring at the keyboard like typing with one hand and doing leg lunges with the other. Maybe that’s one to explore another time but I’m guessing it means, DON’T stare at the keyboard or your phone and go and do something different instead as in the old 70’s WHY DON’T YOU, which I now have running through my mind. Anyway, thankfully have some other non creative work to keep the wolf from the door and eyes not permanently waiting. Last quote of the day as we all roll, jump, saunter or leap into 2014

Writing has … been to me like a bath from which I have risen feeling cleaner, healthier, and freer.
HENRIK IBSEN, Speeches and New Letters