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28 Plays 28 runs Challenge 11. ‘Multiplication is vexation’

I hate Maths. I failed my Maths GCSE four times! Numbers make me anxious. Did I say I hate Maths? Ironically, my Mum was a maths teacher and my eldest is a whizz at it, but whatever genetically makes us up, then the Maths gene skipped a visit to my brain.

My poor Mum would invest hours of energy trying to help me with really simple tasks, but it would always end up with me storming around and shouting  ‘I just cant do it, I just cant understand’.

So imagine my joy at challenge number 11. Write a play about numbers or Maths. I’ve spent of the day ( As I did when I was 15 revising for My GCSE) avoiding the task such is my hatred for maths

Give me words any day over Long division. I’ve often had to ask people when I’ve worked at the market how much change I owe them. Yup. It’s that bad. So a play about Maths…hmm. Distract yourself some more and put a post on facebook. And in response to the post  my wonderful friend Kay had the best idea ever. Don’t write about Maths, write exactly what you’ve said, your struggle with it. Thanks Kay. This one is dedicated to you. Just don’t tell your kids in school tomorrow.

So here is the play for the day ‘Multiplication is vexation’  click here : Multiplication is vexation

Running was short but fast today, 22 mins but a much faster pace. We’d already had a long walk this morning so I couldn’t manage anything longer. I didn’t actually run what the picture shows, that was the walk but it was a better one than anything I could have shared from the run, dodgy poo encrusted pavement or a very baggy eyed, sweaty faced me post run. And so on to half term week. Plays and runs will have to be squeezed in as and when I can. And to think, I really want to write a play about Ada Lovelace, computer and maths genius…..time for a re- think? Or maybe this scene should be in it?


28 plays 28 runs. Challenge 10. Park run and ‘K pop off’

Today’s challenge: Write a juke box musical or be inspired by ‘K Pop’ Or combine the both?

I had no idea what K pop was but it’s this

I honestly didn’t know where to begin, but arrived at a ‘K Pop off’ where rival teams compete to be the best K pop. The story and dialogue are pretty bad but I was chuffed to use the google translate tool, which I only normally use for my kids French and Spanish. I’m not going to share my play as it falls into the ‘shite play’ prompt from the other day but here are a few of the lyrics of one of the songs I put in it in the beautiful Korean text . That was definitely my favourite part of this challenge. Look how delicate and artistic the Korean language is! Love it.

B: 우리는 도망 간다.우리는 도망 간다.우리는 마침내 자유 롭다.

ulineun domang ganda.ulineun domang ganda.ulineun machimnae jayu lobda.

 Park run day today and my 10th run in a row, which I was looking forward to as it’s an opportunity to catch up with friends. This  running on my own every day has been a bit lonely and it’s a great way to connect with friends who I don’t get to see in the week anymore due to all our different commitments/work etc.Actually started to feel the benefit today of increasing the amount of runs I do and felt strong, endurance levels improving today. I’m still not sure if you should do it every day. I must ask my go to advice and all round running guru Tina Chantrey aka #shewhodaresruns.  Will update next time. Chatted to a mate all the way round. Park runs really are a great invention. Although some people do chase their PB’s ( My husband has very smugly got 23 mins today and keeps looking at his result) it is more about being part of a community and running together. Half term now so things are going to get tricky with the running and the writing. Late nights anyone? Lets set up a #28playslaternocturnalgroup for this week?  Wonder what the next challenge is?

28 plays 28 runs challenge 9 ‘ Just lying there like a beached whale’


Challenge no 9. Go dark. Inspired by the Blue Whale challenge that sadly led, it is said, to many suicides or just write about a blue Whale. This family have found themselves on a Caravan site in Dorset…or have they?

Just lying there like a beached Whale

My running pace is soooo slooow but hopefully pick up with the park run tomorrow. My posh hair made me feel more posh so fingers crossed I get the job.

Did I say I liked this new app? Fit snap?

28 plays 28 runs Challenge 8 ‘Scrumptious’

Today’s challenge. Sport. Something sporty. I’d already done the rubbish running one so went for what I know. Rugby. Its called ‘Scrumptious’ and features two competitive Mum’s on the sidelines of a Rugby match. The game gets a bit nasty.  Here is: Scrumptious the short play about Rugby…well it’s not really. For any Mum’s out there who’ve over heard the ‘which schools chat’, this will resonate.

Running was tough. No energy, a gruelling 20 mins up hill. Started to wonder if this running every day was a good idea.  The prize, a Haircut at the top. Needed to look posh for a casting the next day. Usually leave it 6 months to get it ‘Done’ but thought I’d best make the effort. The hair was bouncier than my run, but he hair isn’t bouncy today. Ooh and I’ve stolen an idea from my friend Richard and got the ‘Fit snap app’ do love a new app.

28 plays later 28 runs later challenge 7 ‘Expo in a position’

So today’s challenge was to write something totally crap. Like the worst thing ever, with no auto correct, typos still in, the worst possible thing.

Mine was about three runners at a marathon ‘Expo’. It was called ‘Expo in a position’. Yes. I know. Good hey? No.  They talked about running, talked more about running. nothing much happened. They talked about what colour trainers they liked.  There were some really clumsy flash backs, a contemporary dance expressing one of the characters feelings, I left all the mistakes in before corrected and then they talked about running some more. There was zilch subtext, every character expressed everything they were feeling and then the other character repeated that.

It is shite…but quite funny…but I’m  not happy about sharing it. Maybe one day if I get published with something better.

It was an  interesting prompt though as actually the harder I tried to write total shite, the more it got quite surreal, and actually morphed into a comedy sketch, so who knows, there may be a place for it somewhere.

Real running was short and sweet but I’m proud of how I’ve managed to keep it up. Not quite Eddie Izzard efforts but I’m still committed. A respectable 25 mins or so.


28 plays 28 runs. Challenge 6. 42 min run and ‘Entwined”

On the centenary of the 1918 Suffrage act, our prompt at 10 pm last night was to write something inspired by this great moment in history.

There are so many things I’d like to say about how important it was that women got the right to vote and to explore and recognise what lots of women fought for, but time was limited to 36 hours, a tight deadline. What I’ve ended up with is two teenage girls, best friends who decide to chain themselves to a railing as Emmeline Pankhurst did. They don’t change the world but they look out for each other, especially when one of them needs a pee.  Here is the play:  Entwined

I did a 42 min run and wrote the play on my phone when I stopped for a cuppa, tidying it up later at home. Should you really run every day for 28 days? I don’t know yet, but even though I was aching like hell this morning the repetition feels good for my mental health. Should you really try and write a play every day? It’s certainly a challenge. I’m just glad I didn’t follow through with trying to paint every day too: now that really would have been silly.

28 plays 28 runs Challenge 5. 30 mins and ‘Head Chef’

O.k so 5 plays in and…how many to go??!!

I thought Challenge 5 initially tricky as we were given the opening line and had to expand on it. I had no idea how I was going to make sense of the line in the context of a play, but it soon became clear that it was going to be set in a kitchen. My run was a slow steady run of around 30 mins. Legs were still aching from hill walking but it seems to help with the ideas flowing.

Here’s the play : Head chef

 Disclaimer: None of the characters presented  are based on any real people  (even though I spent a long time as a kitchen assistant hahaha) Also loving these new brooks running shoes! 

28 plays 28 runs. Challenge 4. ‘Waterloo Sunset’

Challenge Four was to adapt a story, song, poem etc into a play. I picked ‘Waterloo Sunset’ by the Kinks. Needless to say the action unfolds with Terry meeting Julie, they meet at Waterloo station, they cross the bridge and then look at the sunset.  They don’t feel afraid or have any friends ( So wrapped up in their own romance to care- this might on reflection be a bad decision if they break up). There is however a mystery Train passenger in  my version who sees Julie every day on the way to work and is not happy about her attachment to Terry…I have no idea if I’m allowed to share this play for copyright reasons as features lines from the songs so here’s the song to enjoy:   Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks

My run was the best kind or run today, with company. My mate Lex has recently started running so we did a run/walk around Malvern for half an hour and then I egged her on to run the last ten minutes without walking. My legs are aching as we’d walked all the way up and down the Hills too yesterday and my brain is hurting from trying to come with ideas, but it’s all great fun and was  a fantastic weekend.

28 plays 28 runs challenge 3. ‘Junk’

Day three is a crossover with Day four as we were away so I had to do this one very late on Friday night unable to do it on Saturday. You’ll probably be able to tell as at 12.45am I wrote some pretty bonkers stuff! But I’m allowing myself to write crap stuff….. It’s called ‘Junk’ ( And lives up to its name) but I’m quite proud of the Alien’s language which sounds a bit welsh and features Aliens and characters called Chroma, Alpha and Beta.   My run took me through the beautiful Malvern countryside, a respectable 30 mins but very slow as it’s very hilly.


28 plays later 28 runs challenge 2. ‘Zaandam’

Day 2/ Miles 2.17- 22.45 mins

Play ‘ Zaandam’


Day two’s challenge was great for me. get outside and look around. This worked great alongside of my running challenge. However, hungover and dehydrated, it was a very slow, short run and my mind worked even slower all day. Anyway, I eventually became inspired to write about a canal, in Holland and a blooming relationship between an unlikely couple! House chores already suffering hahah great fun though. No time to analyse how the running feeds the writing…yet.

Have to do no 3 tonight as going away!! ARGH!!