Can you hear me running?


So tomorrow evening, Friday the 20th at 7.30pm with the help of the writer Jo Harper, we will be trying out a short bit from my new one woman show ‘Can you hear me running’ at Tamasha Theatre’s scratch night. I’m excited and nervous in equal measure, but ready to explore the possibilities of whether it works in front of a live audience. I’m doing it with script in hand as it’s early stages in the hope that next time, we can show even more off script. The beauty of this evening is that it really is to try out new work and gives artists that room to discover and gain feedback.
I’m off to meet our director now and do a quick four hour rehearsal before the tech tomorrow afternoon.
Its’ interesting to re visit a time in my life where I felt a struggle but also great exhilaration that I could overcome adversity and I hope it reaches an audience and resonates. Jo has done an amazing job with the script and has written something I was too close to fully write myself. I love collaboration and have found this whole experience so far, creative and cathartic. So come and see me play ‘myself’, or rather a ‘version’ of myself. Here’s the link, be great to have support.

Will report back. I may even sing!

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