The Cloak of visibility

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First seen at Mountview Catalyst festival

Meet busy, juggling, cool mum, Amy. She’s popular, successful and has mastered the ‘slut drop’. Wearing her cloak of visibility, Amy is a ‘warrior with a purpose’. Pass the gin.  

So why is she aimlessly wandering the streets of London?

The Cloak of Visibility is an exciting and thought-provoking one-woman show exploring the pressure, that many women feel, to be seen to ‘have it all’. The play tackles rarely spoken about issues (see trigger warnings on the book tab) with humour and compassion.

Antandre Productions was set up by producer Marie-Elena Nash in 2019. With female writers and directors greatly underrepresented in the UK theatre industryour mission is to create female driven work that not only entertains but also evokes discussion and debate around rarely spoken about issues.

Writer: Louise Breckon-Richards
Director: Charissa Martinkauppi
Performer: Sally Vanderpump
Producer: Marie-Elena Nash

Cutie Crochets – A comedy short online summer 2020

Cutie Crochets’  was about a musical theatre performer who teaches young children that goes wrong shown on @clubcoronavirus Coronavirus theatre club on twitter. It was performed by Miztli Rose Neville and directed by Louisa Sanfey. It was live streamed with over 1,200 views , and you can now see it on You tube too here :

In the Mouth of the River

My Short play In the Mouth of the River was performed over five nights as part of The Space’s Twofest programme that ran throughout February. It was directed Charlotte Marie Everest and performed by Caron Kehoe and Sarah Rickman. This is now undergoing further development and is a full length play. 

In the Mouth of the River by Louise Breckon-Richards 
Opting out, shutting off and hiding away all seem increasingly sensible options in 2020. Why then, are the people who make these choices punished and often aggressively singled out? 

Caron kehoe in In the Mouth of the River. The Space Feb 2020. Directed by Charlotte Marie Everest.


Four O’clock flowers

Four O’clock flowers opened at The Space from 28th May till 1st June 2019  as part of the Foreword festival of new writing  with some great reviews. It is currently in development with Callow Youth productions being adapted for screen

REVIEWS ‘Four O’clock flowers’

Interview Space arts centre


Trace underwent a nine day research and development period supported by Arts Council England from May the 20th until the 1st of June 2019 at The Old Diorama. Trace explores universal themes of loss and the marks we make in life.

Played out through a fragmented narrative, Trace inter-links characters experiencing the loss or illness of someone close to them. It is about the marks we make in life and those we leave behind. David must cope with the inevitable loss of his father,  suffering from dementia.  A boy must learn to forgive his sick mother and find his way back to her with the help of a Dodo.  John snatches a moment with his daughter before he ‘leaves’ for the other side.

Trace by Louise Breckon – Richards R and D. Beatriz Romilly and Amanda Shodeko. Photos by Lexi Clare.

See more here or go to my blog page.

Dudley Rogers and Saul Marron. ‘Trace R and D’ Old Diorama. Photo by Lexi Clare.

Back to the tower

 Bunker Theatre/ Wo lab shorts ‘Happy ever after’

Jennifer Oliver in ‘Back to the Tower’ WoLab Bunker Theatre March 2019 photo by Alessa Davidson

As part of a night of short plays for Happy ever after eve ‘Back to the tower’ sees Rapunzel going back to the place that first imprisoned her to get a bit of respite form her daily life alongside other Disney Princess’ and what happened next. March 3rd The Bunker Theatre


In July 2017, My play Fire blight (Longlisted for Theatre 503 playwriting award) was selected to be part of Arcola theatre’s PlayWrought#5 festival of rehearsed readings. It had a great response and is now hoping for production . It was directed by Alice Fitzgerald and the cast included Chante Faucher, Mckell David, Sara Pelosi and Andrew Neil.

‘If you don’t let anyone in then you will break, good and proper. No one likes seeing what’s there, inside. We’re pretty ugly fuckers, humans. But when times are like this, we have to look out for each other. We have to’

Arcola Theatre July 2017. Left to right Sara Pelosi, Chante Faucher, Andrew Neil, Mckell David, Director Alice Fitzgerald and Louise Breckon -Richards


In October 2016 I co – created, produced and starred in my one woman show Can you hear me running? written by Jo Harper,  which opened at the Pleasance Theatre London and ran for three weeks receiving 4 and 5 star reviews. This was generously funded by Arts Council England.

Can you hear me running? Written by Jo Harper. Co- created and produced with Louise Breckon -Richards.

Can You Hear Me Running? is beautifully written by Harper and lovingly performed by Breckon Richards. She keeps it real throughout, she has an extraordinary capacity to draw the audience in and gets us to share the downs and the ups, the flat and the bumpy and, of course, the music and the silence of her highly personal experience. And having had to put her body, involuntarily, on the line, Loo bares her soul so that we can all take a little piece of it away with us and either count our blessings or be encouraged to stand up to our privations. Peter yates London Theatre 1.

5 Star Rating

You can read more about the project on our website below and how the show was created and follow us on facebook and twitter.

Can You Hear Me Running – Website 

Can You Hear Me Running – Facebook page

@canyouhearmerun :     twitter


The production was generously supported by Arts Council England.

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  1. Zibby

    Absolutely Brilliant. Just watched your clip, I loved it, an amazing teaser for a full length show. Great collaboration. Love the writing and so well performed. Congrats on your funding. So proud of you. Thank you for doing it, you are an inspiration. Xx

    1. LBRichards Post author

      Thanks so much Zib. It is a project that has come from a great collaboration and the process has been so creative and not paid up until now. Brilliant to have recognition for it and the space to explore. Your support means a lot. It was such a small seed and grows by the day xxx


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